About Us

The Asian Ministry Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Leonia has been offering English conversation classes since 1997. In the past years, four other Leonia churches-All Saints Episcopal, Holy Spirit Lutheran, St. John’s Roman Catholic, and the Leonia United Methodist Church – joined in this community service by providing both teachers and classroom space.

We offer Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. Our classes meet in the morning or in the evening; we may also offer early afternoon classes. Each class is 1½hours. Most classes meet once a week; however, some classes meet two or more times a week.

Our classes are taught by volunteer teachers from the four churches and the community at large who want to help people whose native language is not English. The emphasis of all our classes is on English conversation. Our teachers focus on helping students:

  • Learn English vocabulary and idioms
  • Practice speaking English
  • Find out about American customs and culture

In addition, our classes offer a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and to discuss the challenges of living in a foreign country. Our goal is to help you, not just with your English conversation, but also to make you feel more comfortable living in this country.

Although most of our students are from South Korea and Japan, we also have had students whose native language is Spanish, Russian, Madagascan, Chinese, Portuguese, Urdu, Filipino, and Romanian.

Each academic year, we have a Fall and Spring semester. Registration dates for these semesters will be posted on this site. Please join us!

Please contact us via email: